CGA membership is open to all farmers, organizations and institutions that are active in the grain farming and industry. You register and pay to become a member of CGA.
We have two types of membership:

Associate Members

These are different organizations signing up to be part of CGA. As an associate member you will pay an annual and joining  fee of  Kshs 10,000 to become a member.

As an associate member, you get the following benefits:

  • Linkage to farmer groups- CGA mobilizes small, medium and large scale farmers to facilitate group action in input procurement access to extension services, marketing of their produce, credit access, etc. Associate members can be linked to these farmers and use them in different projects.
  • Access to information and new technologies relating to the agricultural industry via
    • Cereal Notebook
    • CerealMart
    • The Sower
    • Field Days
  • Discounts at different CGA events
  • Opportunity to network with different stakeholders in the agricultural field during CGA events
  • Membership Profile on the website and CEREAL NOTEBOOK
  • Opportunity to market your products and services by advertising in THE SOWER and sponsoring/ exhibiting in field days
  • Opportunity to send farmers instant messages via CEREALMART
  • Unlimited access to CGA’s website which offer interactive online activities and development information within the agricultural industry
  • Receive quarterly magazine- THE SOWER and monthly newsletter- CEREAL NOTE BOOK


Ordinary Members

These are farmers who have registered to be part of CGA.  As an ordinary member, you will pay an annual and joining in any of the three categories,

  • Small Scale Farmer Category –  less than 50 acres pay-KES 500.
  • MediumScale Farmer  Category -between 51-300 acres pay KES 10000.
  • Large Scale Farmer – over 300 acres pay KES 20000

As a CGA ordinary member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to farmer training fora- we facilitate the training of farmer groups to build their capacities to engage other players in their respective value chains
  • Access to extension services- in partnership with other stakeholders we facilitate technology transfer through on-farm demonstrations and field days
  • Linkage to Post Harvest Handling Services- we facilitate training of farmers on proper post-harvest handling skills and link them to appropriate grain handling facilities to minimize post-harvest losses
  • Linkage to Output Marketing- we train and facilitate farmers to undertake aggregation and jointly market their produce
  • Linkage to Credit Service Providers- we train and facilitate farmers to access affordable credit. CGA has its own SACCO; to offer better and very affordable loans to farmers
  • Representation of your views in our advocacy agenda.
  • Membership Profile on the website and on CEREAL NOTEBOOK
  • Easy and free access and exposure to information and new technologies related to Agriculture from:
    • The Sower
    • Cereal Notebook
    • CerealMart
    • Field Days
  • Networking with different stakeholders along the grain value chain
  • CGA to organize educational field visits around the globe to improve adoption of new technologies