On July 25th 2016, Dr. Richard Lesiyampe together with Governor of Narok, Samuel Tunai launched the wheat purchase plan at Narok, NCPB. CGA  was tasked with the responsibility of registering all wheat farmers. The minimum requirements as agreed were as follows;

  1. The agreed on price and specifications were as follows:
    a. Grade “A” at KES 3,000 (for bushel weight of ≥ 76; Moisture content of ≤14% and foreign matter of ≤ 2.0%).
    b. Grade “B” at KES 3,000 less 2.0% (besides the handling charge as described below).
    c. Grade “C” at KES 3,000 less 3.0%. For bushel weight of below 74, it will be on a willing buyer, willing seller basis.
  2. In the case of wheat delivered to both NCPB (Narok, initially) and Cargill, a handling fee of KES 35 per 50Kg bag will apply and will be split on a 50:50 basis with the millers hence KES 31.50 per 90 Kg bag will be discounted off the farmers’ dues. The applicable agricultural produce cess will also be recovered on behalf of the respective County Government by the aggregator.
  3. The price is KES 3,150 for direct deliveries to millers. Local wheat was to have priority over imported wheat at the millers queues to avoid surcharge by transporters on account of trucks spending days on the queue.
  4. Millers were required to sustain the picking of the wheat from the central aggregation points to avoid a clog up of the system.
  5. The plan applies for the entire wheat cropping calendar (or 12 months effective from the official launch on 25th July 2016).

To benefit from the plan, it was agreed that CGA would register wheat farmers and provide them with a registration number which they would then present at the collection centres/aggregator in the counties agreed upon by the Ministry.


  1. Print and fill the the registration form or call our field officers in Narok/ Nakuru /Eldoret/ who will give you the form
  2. Once filled, take the form to your Ward agricultural Officer (except Narok) who will verify that the person is a farmer by appending their signature and stamp.
  3. Once verified the form gets back to the field officers from the respective counties and the farmer will be allocated a membership number which they will use to sell.
    Kindly click below to download the form


Please dont hesitate to contact the following persons in case of any query,




Collins – 0725435155

Walter- 0724754565